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March 2013

Easter Sunday

May I wish you all a very Happy Easter!
For those of you in the sunshine I must report we are basking in glorious sunshine ourselves presently, even if it was only -3C when I got up this morning! The clocks have gone forward so the cats had an early breakfast today...
Fluffy is still rolling about on her back whenever there's a chance of food or attention, she's such a sweetheart and totally relaxed here. Woody and Buzz are over their tree climbing adventure and have settled well. Fudge has found his feet immediately this visit whilst Megan as per her way is still not 100% convinced we're not going to start poking needles into her but is getting braver bit by bit.

Good Friday

And a jolly Good Friday it is too! The sun is shining bright, the sky is blue and although there is a heavy frost some of the cats are out enjoying the spring sunshine already...
As for our first timers, they're all doing well. I was greeted this morning by Fluffy rolling around in her run enjoying the sun and asking for her breakfast, always a good sign! I have just left D'Arcey snuggled up in her toasty bed as the sun is yet to reach her chalet, it gets there at about 10 until 5, prime spot!

Sat 16th March

I wcould like to welcome a new pair of cats who arrived yesterday. They are both doing well, one's very nosey, out and about, and the other just enjoying the view from the window.
Also today another newby arrived for a short stay. She seems relaxed and happy for a fuss. Seven regulars also pitched up, always good to see them... Don't worry Max I've got your favourite fish in! 
Quiet day tomorrow. F1 here I come, Australian gp should just have finished just before kittycats breakfast! Purrfect!

13th March

All cats tucked up and in bed. Night Night!

Wednesday 13th March 2013

Welcome to the Cottage Garden Cats blog.
The sun shone briefly today allowing the cats a chance of a little Spring sunbathing, although tonight they are all snuggled up under their heat lamps - wisely! 
As often as time allows I shall update this blog so you can read how our current holiday makers are doing, and any news on our resident cats.
Thank you for reading.
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