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Good Friday

And a jolly Good Friday it is too! The sun is shining bright, the sky is blue and although there is a heavy frost some of the cats are out enjoying the spring sunshine already...
As for our first timers, they're all doing well. I was greeted this morning by Fluffy rolling around in her run enjoying the sun and asking for her breakfast, always a good sign! I have just left D'Arcey snuggled up in her toasty bed as the sun is yet to reach her chalet, it gets there at about 10 until 5, prime spot!
All are munching well and all happy and contented, and as for the older generation and those with "special needs" Muffin and Honey are taking there treatment well, Blinkeys getting larger by the day (which is good news!) whilst Bibsy is slimming well. Max is Max and mugginh me for treats each time he sees me as the real old timers know how to do and Poppy and Oreo are as chatty as ever...
Enjoy your Easter break, all is well here with your loved ones.
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