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Easter Sunday

May I wish you all a very Happy Easter!
For those of you in the sunshine I must report we are basking in glorious sunshine ourselves presently, even if it was only -3C when I got up this morning! The clocks have gone forward so the cats had an early breakfast today...
Fluffy is still rolling about on her back whenever there's a chance of food or attention, she's such a sweetheart and totally relaxed here. Woody and Buzz are over their tree climbing adventure and have settled well. Fudge has found his feet immediately this visit whilst Megan as per her way is still not 100% convinced we're not going to start poking needles into her but is getting braver bit by bit....
Circe and Merlin are chatty and on form along with their birman neighbours. Samantha and Jasper have become confirmed friends and were both avidly watching the doves first thing.
I caught D'Arcey this morning being very brave and poking her nose out of her peep hole, watching the world going by, she spent yesterday on her indoor shelf looking out of her window... I wouldn't be surprised if she's not outside in the sunshine when it gets warmer later today. She loves tuna by the way....
Baboushka has settled in well and all I have not mentioned by name are just fine.
May I also just give a quick mention to Amy Pergande, the daughter of one of our customers who is doing work experience with us this week, she's studying to become a vet and we hope she enjoys her week with us.
Now off back to your holidays.... Enjoy! 
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