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April 2013

Sometimes it takes a Sunday...

I am sometimes asked in this world of 24/7 why I don't open on Sundays. One may think it's just an excuse for a day off but in fact it's more than that. This weekend was a prime example.
During Friday and Saturday we had a number of new and regular cats turn up for their hols. Many different customers coming and going, some viewings and one instance of a traumatised kitty arriving having hidden from a neighbours dog for 24 hours before finally being caught by worried parents before arriving here.

It's a red week.

It never ceases to amaze me how all the people with a certain type or colour of cat go away at the same time. This week the majority of our guests are red. They vary from pale to dark with the odd tortie thrown in for good measure. Last week was a black week although it has to be said the odd white marking was in evidence... 

Saturday 20th April 2013

Well Good Morning Mr Sunshine! What a lovely start to the day. Nine cats arrived for their holidays yesterday, many in pairs. 
Bob and Fred were sharing their shelf when I arrived this morning, amicably and quite unphased by the other cats around them.
Fudge was waiting for me in their outside run and Megan was on the shelf inside peering out of the window - not so shy this visit!
Cuddles and Spice were both curled up asleep - not ones for early mornings whilst Geri was nosing through the kitchen window to let me know she and Poppy were ready for waitress service.

Cat Facts

The Burmese 
Boarding Requirements: Cuddles on the hour every hour, poached gourmet fish or chicken, kingsize bed with goose down mattress and pillows. Heating on full even in height of summer. Red carpet on terrace and throughout chalet and of course waitress service on demand. . . 

Monday 15th April

All cats happy and contented this morning. After a quiet weekend that at last was some what warmer if a little damp, everyone seems to be a little more convinced that Spring is actually here.
All my little friends have been out and about rather than lounging under their heat lamps and even Mori the misery has been happy and enjoying a stroke or two outside!
Must get moving = busy morning awaits...

The noise the other side of the hedge...

For the last few weeks there have been some strange noises coming from the behind the cattery hedge. When I looked over this is what I saw...
 A big bundle of naughtiness!

Thursday 11th April

Our winter holiday makers have  returned to sunny Sway for their summer vacation. 

My residents all had a rye smile on their faces when these two showed up!

Apologies but although I've worked out how to add the picture unfortunately not how to rotate it!

Our newbies Katie and Smudge are both on their respective shelves enjoying the view....

I best get back to the drawing board and read that instruction manual agsin. Enjoy your weekend.

Saturday 6th April

Well, At last we awoke to sunshine and the promise of some warmer weather for the next few days and all promised without the addition of rain! I won't hold my breath...
All pussycats are fine and dandy this morning and this weekends newbies Maisie and Suki were out and about looking for breakfast when I arrived. I can't believe the similarity in colouring to my two monsters. Lovely cats.
We have had a busy Easter week but the addition of our work experience vet student helped and I'd like to wish Amy all the best on her journey to graduation.
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