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Saturday 6th April

Well, At last we awoke to sunshine and the promise of some warmer weather for the next few days and all promised without the addition of rain! I won't hold my breath...
All pussycats are fine and dandy this morning and this weekends newbies Maisie and Suki were out and about looking for breakfast when I arrived. I can't believe the similarity in colouring to my two monsters. Lovely cats.
We have had a busy Easter week but the addition of our work experience vet student helped and I'd like to wish Amy all the best on her journey to graduation.
Jenny & Leo have settled in straight away as per usual and Mori is fine now after his initial 24 hour huff (which is completely standard and we would worry if he didn't!). Blinkey has a potential going home date now after weeks of builders at his new home, although I'm not sure he'll want to leave, he seems very contented and seems to love the routine here and with added sunshine well...
Our other longer term cats have been moved to the family block for a little more room and a stretch of their legs so to speak and are taking full advantage of the climbing frame.
I'm off now to try to work our how to add pics and video for future blogs, wish me luck!

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