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Saturday 20th April 2013

Well Good Morning Mr Sunshine! What a lovely start to the day. Nine cats arrived for their holidays yesterday, many in pairs. 
Bob and Fred were sharing their shelf when I arrived this morning, amicably and quite unphased by the other cats around them.
Fudge was waiting for me in their outside run and Megan was on the shelf inside peering out of the window - not so shy this visit!
Cuddles and Spice were both curled up asleep - not ones for early mornings whilst Geri was nosing through the kitchen window to let me know she and Poppy were ready for waitress service.
Benji and Tigger were as vocal as ever just in case I forgot them, as they'd read their mums' note about limiting food intake... and Kinks and Scamps were as laid back as ever.
Katie is off home today after her first stay with us - a real sweety and as good as gold - we hope to see her again soon.
It's also nice to see Dumpling and Tess back, both are doing well by the way.
Just a quick mention that Sweep is taking her medication daily and is fit and healthy. Enjoy whatever you're doing today- and remember to look up and smile at that unusual yellow thing in the sky.
Time to get back to work... Aly

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