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Sometimes it takes a Sunday...

I am sometimes asked in this world of 24/7 why I don't open on Sundays. One may think it's just an excuse for a day off but in fact it's more than that. This weekend was a prime example.
During Friday and Saturday we had a number of new and regular cats turn up for their hols. Many different customers coming and going, some viewings and one instance of a traumatised kitty arriving having hidden from a neighbours dog for 24 hours before finally being caught by worried parents before arriving here. People and pets buzzing about until finally dinner is served on Saturday night and peace and quiet descends....
Sunday morning is different and the cats know it - their breakfast arrives as always but somehow without the extra dash of a working day, the girls come in to clean but have extra time today to groom and pamper every cat, not just those going home or with long flowing locks.
There are no strange faces - no unusual voices. It's the chance we all need, both feline and human, to take a deep breath and just relax. By the afternoon when I feed up with the girls you can physically see the difference, all those new visitors and those stressed prior to admission are calm again, happy, relaxed and looking forward to their dinner. Once settled the hustle and bustle of a work day becomes something interesting to watch and the attention of strangers is welcomed. But without that pause on a Sunday I believe it would take a whole lot longer for my less outgoing guests to settle in, so as I stated in the title of this piece - Sometimes it takes a Sunday!

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