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May 2013

At last they arrive!

Yes we're all enjoying the new arrivals. Edwina has given birth at last - we were beginning to think she would explode if she got any bigger as you can see from this picture taken last week!
Three sweet little kittens - one blue, two blue tabby I think at this early stage - although we do know how their coats can change during the first few weeks... long hair or short hair that is the question! 
We allowed Edwina to have just this one litter as her temperament and looks were so special. The father is a local stud cat, an exotic shorthair (persion x British blue to you and I) who is also well known for his superb nature.

Another sunny bank holiday... and am I seeing double?

Well I do hope you all had a great bank holiday. Although busy everything has gone as it should, all guests behaving well and enjoying the milder weather. 
It dawned on me this morning as I was feeding up that I was seeing double. D'arcy Ryan and Mollie, same cats, different names... aha a little investigation and I do believe they're sisters from the same litter and more than that I think their father is the same stud cat I have just used for Edwina, small world - I'll have to check with their owners on their return. Talking of which I better go and check how she's doing....

Busy, Busy, Busy!

All busy and buzzing here - getting ready for a sell out bank holiday weekend. Today is the calm before the storm as we have 25 cats arriving during tomorrow and Saturday - it seems summer is finally here...
As for my present guests, I am glad to report all are happy and healthy. Tigger is watching the world go by from his viewpoint by the main entrance, Misty I am pleased to say seems to have found a new home after the sad and sudden loss of her owner last weekend. Pepsi & Smudge, Pandora and Smudge have all settled in well.

It's not all plain sailing...

Apologies to my regular readers and indeed those first timers in my lack of blog last weekend. Time flies when you're busy... and busy we certainly have been.
Anyone who has pets knows they can cause great anxiety and stress at the least expected moment, I'm quite sure they time their antics to cause us,  their carers, the maximum amount of woe!
Take Ambrose for example, his loving owners booked a well deserved holiday for themselves some time ago, only for Ambrose to need an op just before they were due to leave.

Sunday 12th May 2013

Another week has flown by - including a very busy weekend. My great staff coped admirably with a very busy Saturday morning, with a selection of viewings and a large number of new cats arriving as well as some going home after their holidays. My apologies for not being on hand to welcome our new guests personally but my equine interests meant I was away for the morning watching one of our home breds on the gallops at Manton near Marlborough to see how his racing career is progressing... quite well apparently.

Thursday 2nd May - Sun Magnets

I was just wandering if cats were born with sun magnets in their bellies, or if they develop them over time... The sun comes out and they all flip over onto their backs!
This weeks newbies have all settled in well, Ollie, Molly and Bertie. Mable is much more settled now and all my pairs are getting on well. 
We had some sad news this week, one of our regulars, only a young cat, is losing his sight due to a genetic condition, but he's coping very well now he's remembered where everything is, and he's even jumping up onto the shelves.
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