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Thursday 2nd May - Sun Magnets

I was just wandering if cats were born with sun magnets in their bellies, or if they develop them over time... The sun comes out and they all flip over onto their backs!
This weeks newbies have all settled in well, Ollie, Molly and Bertie. Mable is much more settled now and all my pairs are getting on well. 
We had some sad news this week, one of our regulars, only a young cat, is losing his sight due to a genetic condition, but he's coping very well now he's remembered where everything is, and he's even jumping up onto the shelves.
I have a few oldies here currently who I can see are appreciating the warmer weather, the sun acting as an oil on their creaky joints.
The regulars are all doing fine, even those of a slightly shyer nature just cannot resist the sunshine, and as for Bisto - his sun magnets are working over time, I don't think he's been the right way up for 48 hours!!
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