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Sunday 12th May 2013

Another week has flown by - including a very busy weekend. My great staff coped admirably with a very busy Saturday morning, with a selection of viewings and a large number of new cats arriving as well as some going home after their holidays. My apologies for not being on hand to welcome our new guests personally but my equine interests meant I was away for the morning watching one of our home breds on the gallops at Manton near Marlborough to see how his racing career is progressing... quite well apparently.
So on my return I was happy to see everyone was where they should be, all cats settled in well and all viewings having made firm bookings - thank you girls!
We presently have some recuperating cats with us as well as some on long term medication and one diabetic, so medication times are extended at the moment, but I am glad to report all patients are doing well.
This weeks newbies, namely Edward, Bolly, Niles and Bing have all settled in. Bing and Bolly are both very outgoing characters who demand lots of attention whenever you're nearby whilst Niles and Edward are slightly more reserved and prefer their cuddles in the confines of their chalet. They are all eating well which generally means they're pretty relaxed.
Bubble managed to pick a fight with a neighbour prior to her admittance on saturday, however although looking a little sorry for herself, the injury is healing nicely.
Little Timmy (a girlie - usual mistaking of gender as a kitten!) is very happy big Finn is next door.. say no more, and Liela is also happy Finn's interests are elsewhere for once leaving her to get the best vantage point from her climbing frame. All other guests were enjoying our morning sunshine today but have now all retired to heat lamp land... for a good dinner and a cosy sleep, so for now I also say good evening to you all.
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