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It's not all plain sailing...

Apologies to my regular readers and indeed those first timers in my lack of blog last weekend. Time flies when you're busy... and busy we certainly have been.
Anyone who has pets knows they can cause great anxiety and stress at the least expected moment, I'm quite sure they time their antics to cause us,  their carers, the maximum amount of woe!
Take Ambrose for example, his loving owners booked a well deserved holiday for themselves some time ago, only for Ambrose to need an op just before they were due to leave. Luckily it was successful and Ambrose has been recuperating with us for the last couple of weeks and went home today seemingly on the mend.
Then there's Niles...
His caring owners had not been away for three years, choosing to stay at home and look after Niles as he had been diagnosed with diabetes and needs insulin injections every 12 hours. After much soul searching they finally booked a week away with family. Niles came to stay with us from Saturday to Saturday. I believe in my last blog I commented that although a little shy he appeared to be settling in well.  Then shock horror on Friday morning (just 24 hours before he was due to go nome) out of nowhere he had a seizure and gave me temporary heart failure! 
Click the switch to auto-pilot - ring vet, whilst holding Niles, girls get blankets and covers to keep him safe, warm and dark. Arrange for vet welcoming committee and drive to Hythe. Make sure all relevant charts and info available for vets, stay at vets until Niles is stable. Drive home, contact owners, check back in with vets and deliver insulin to practice, hold my breath until vet confirms Niles is looking much better and is getting back to his feisty self. 
Aha the clue! Cuddly Niles in here, is feisty Niles at the vets apparently, and the fact that he'd been cuddly here points towards the fact he had been under the weather for a little while and it had come to a head whilst he was here... Newbies you see, we take them as we find them, we didn't know being good was unusual behaviour away from home!
I am pleased to report Niles is now back home with his loved ones and doing well. We hope to see Niles again in the future, and this time will be on our guard when he's cuddly! 
It just goes to show it's not all plain sailing having pets, or looking after them for that matter, but he was here where we could get him veterinary assistance promptly, we had all the information the vets needed, he'd been monitored daily and no poor neighbour or friend had to deal with this trauma or even worse not known about it until it was too late...
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