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Busy, Busy, Busy!

All busy and buzzing here - getting ready for a sell out bank holiday weekend. Today is the calm before the storm as we have 25 cats arriving during tomorrow and Saturday - it seems summer is finally here...
As for my present guests, I am glad to report all are happy and healthy. Tigger is watching the world go by from his viewpoint by the main entrance, Misty I am pleased to say seems to have found a new home after the sad and sudden loss of her owner last weekend. Pepsi & Smudge, Pandora and Smudge have all settled in well. Leroy incidentally is eating me out of house and home so his self enforced diet is obviously well and truly over!
Oscar & Ruby are doing well as are Maggie, Chilli, Max, Heidi and Sapphire, although Maggie looked a little peaked when BoBo her neighbour left this morning... I think she quite liked the handsome beasty. Marmite, Leila and Finn are keeping tabs on the comings and goings on the bird table from the Family Block and it's lovely to see Daisy and Tom who were kindly taken on by one of my customers after being left at the vets for euthanasia after their previous owners situation changed. Oh yes and Shelley is fine, fussy about her medicated food as per usual, but fine!
Enjoy whatever you are doing this weekend, and I'll be back at my blog the moment my feet touch the ground. Have fun!

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