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At last they arrive!

Yes we're all enjoying the new arrivals. Edwina has given birth at last - we were beginning to think she would explode if she got any bigger as you can see from this picture taken last week!
Three sweet little kittens - one blue, two blue tabby I think at this early stage - although we do know how their coats can change during the first few weeks... long hair or short hair that is the question! 
We allowed Edwina to have just this one litter as her temperament and looks were so special. The father is a local stud cat, an exotic shorthair (persion x British blue to you and I) who is also well known for his superb nature. 
We will be handling the kittens from next week to make sure they are well socialised and used to loads of cuddles ready for their new lives as well loved pets. 
Keep checking for more pictures as they get older....
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