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June 2013

Tuesday 25th June

Medication, medication, medication...
It comes in cycles as most things do, but this week it seems everyone who has a cat on long term medication is on holiday and the consequence of this is a medication chart almost longer than the feeding list! 
On the flip side of course it just shows how many ailments the vets can now treat to keep our loved ones with us for so much longer! And the way they are administered is changing too, no more giving that difficult cat a pill now we just put a little gel inside its ear and hey presto - job done.

3 weeks old today

Two boys one girl.Two silver tabby one blue.
More pics to follow...

Watch out!

Watch out Watch out the kittens have come out and about and Edwina is in a panic not knowing how to keep them under control.. The joys of motherhood!  Pics to follow shortly...

Tuesday 18th June

Good morning. When I set this website up a couple of months ago and started writing my blogs I had no idea the effect it would have on my business and on my customers peace of mind...
We have always enjoyed new custom through word of mouth and referrals and indeed we still do, but in this age of instant internet information our website and blog have allowed new arrivals to the local area of Lymington, Brockenhurst, New Milton, Barton-on-Sea, Milford, in fact most areas between Bournemouth and Southampton to find our little cattery hidden away in rural South Sway.

Sunday June 9th

As you have probably noticed, my technical skills have not yet improved, but as Meatloaf once sang two out of three's not  bad!
Well another week has flown by, barring an almighty storm on Tuesday morning, quite brightly. 
The rogues gallery to your left are two of this weeks' newbies and Edwina with her brood, two weeks old tomorrow. 
I decided today to wash her bedding and replaced her vet bed with a clean pillow. Apparently this was a terrible idea as she promptly picked the kittens up one by one and moved them into the base of her scratch post.

Kitten update

We have opened our eyes.

Tuesday 4th June

Another week and the sun is still shining! After a busy half term it seems very peaceful here today. We still have many cats in our care but not so many busy customers toing and froing in that pre--holiday panic! It always amuses me to see the difference in people after they've had a break.. so much calmer and easy going....
The kittens are doing well and growing big and strong on mums milk. Edwina has made it quite clear though that when they are snoozing she expects our full attention and access to all areas for investigation into who's been about whilst she's been babysitting!
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