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Tuesday 4th June

Another week and the sun is still shining! After a busy half term it seems very peaceful here today. We still have many cats in our care but not so many busy customers toing and froing in that pre--holiday panic! It always amuses me to see the difference in people after they've had a break.. so much calmer and easy going....
The kittens are doing well and growing big and strong on mums milk. Edwina has made it quite clear though that when they are snoozing she expects our full attention and access to all areas for investigation into who's been about whilst she's been babysitting!
I was glad to see Thierry is back to his best on this visit as last stay we commented that he seemed a little under the weather on his arrival and Peter has returned this time following a diet and looks much healthier!
Jemima and Kitty are settling in, both eating well and enjoying snuggling in the cosy beds their mum left for them. Flo the siamese has become a tripod since her last visit but seems to be coping well and the loss of a leg has certainly not affected her vocal capabilities. 
Sooty has decided his new bed on the floor in his run is acceptable since he has damaged his back, although has put in a request that his mum buys him a slightly bigger one as he likes to stretch out in the sunshine...
Time for me to suggest to Edwina that her kittens could do with another feed - enjoy the weather while you can !

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