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Sunday June 9th

As you have probably noticed, my technical skills have not yet improved, but as Meatloaf once sang two out of three's not  bad!
Well another week has flown by, barring an almighty storm on Tuesday morning, quite brightly. 
The rogues gallery to your left are two of this weeks' newbies and Edwina with her brood, two weeks old tomorrow. 
I decided today to wash her bedding and replaced her vet bed with a clean pillow. Apparently this was a terrible idea as she promptly picked the kittens up one by one and moved them into the base of her scratch post. Vetbed replaced - all trooped back into their whelping box....I don't know you try to make them more comfortable!
I don't think in 10 years we've ever had so many new faces all at once. Jemima & Kitty go home tomorrow after a happy 10 day stay and five newbies arrive. Little Bella has settled well and is upside down most of the time demanding tummy tickles. Poppet and Remy figured out thw routine in 10 seconds flat and are both enjoying the views and the food! Freddie's found his feet today and is enjoying his roast chicken as I write and Lucy is on her shelf inside just watching the world go by. All I have not mentioned by name are fit and well and many of you I shall see in the morning for another busy turnaround day. Enjoy your hols, Aly.
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