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Tuesday 18th June

Good morning. When I set this website up a couple of months ago and started writing my blogs I had no idea the effect it would have on my business and on my customers peace of mind...
We have always enjoyed new custom through word of mouth and referrals and indeed we still do, but in this age of instant internet information our website and blog have allowed new arrivals to the local area of Lymington, Brockenhurst, New Milton, Barton-on-Sea, Milford, in fact most areas between Bournemouth and Southampton to find our little cattery hidden away in rural South Sway. Also where some customers feel a little awkward phoning or are in different time zones to us, the blog allows them to see how their cat is getting along and gives them a chance to check their pet is enjoying their break as much as mummy and daddy are enjoying theirs! 
Todays update: Pandora the Persian is watching all the comings and goings in No.4, with Smartie next door jealously watching all the meals leave the kitchen whilst she has to stay on her medicated food although her milk treat goes down a storm... Bertie is keeping the girls company in that stretch whilst just round the corner are Ashley and Duncan who although nearly blind is finding his way around perfectly and taking his meds like a true champ.
Our all white Oscar and Thomas are off home today after their first stay and although Oscar is deaf, his sense of smell is very keen, as is seen at meal times! Bizzie the Burmese is still demanding as much attention as possible whilst Ash and Fluff my regular regulars are relaxed and happy and Fluff is finally accepting her grooming after her clip at the vets!
Phoenix is another newbie - he's settled in straight away and I have to say what a handsome black chap he is. Minerva has settled well as always and I hope her mum is not missing her too much and enjoying her holiday.
More newbies, Poppy and Sooty, although shy at first are now totally at home enjoying the warmer weather and watching the birds. Good old Remy is loving the routine here as are Bella, Kuba, Poppy and Chilli. The three Birmans are ok along with Bob & Fred, and lost mention today, but not the least is for Phoebe and Tilly, the most adorable little cats with such uncomplicated natures and so honest, a real delight to look after...
Take care one and all ... I'll be back with another update soon.
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