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Tuesday 25th June

Medication, medication, medication...
It comes in cycles as most things do, but this week it seems everyone who has a cat on long term medication is on holiday and the consequence of this is a medication chart almost longer than the feeding list! 
On the flip side of course it just shows how many ailments the vets can now treat to keep our loved ones with us for so much longer! And the way they are administered is changing too, no more giving that difficult cat a pill now we just put a little gel inside its ear and hey presto - job done. Some cats need their meds hidden in imaginative treats, like marmite and butter whilst others just happily eat their pills right out of your hand. Fresh fish, tuna and roast chicken all seem to be winners too, not surprisingly, as well as ham of course! If you have any good ways of enticing your cat to take his medicine please let us know and we'll pass them on!
Pandora the Persian has been eating well and therefore not in need of her meds this visit, whilst next door Orange Job (OJ to his friends) and Miss Tippy are munching their way through their sensitive diet as if it's going out of fashion!
Dobby and Tonks our visiting kittens are creating quite a stir with all passers by - definately no shyness in those two!
Lily settled in well after her car sickness on the way here and is doing well and her neighbour Coco the Chocolate has been as good as gold! 
Many regulars in this week, and many oldies, hence the medication situation but they're all doing fine and it's a pleasure to be looking after them again. 
As for my guys, well the kittens are 4 weeks old now so will soon be looking for their new families - they will only be going to customers, or potential new customers as I have no intention of loosing touch with the little angels!

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