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July 2013

Sunday 28th July

And so the holdays are upon us once again, the long summer weeks that stretched out before us in our youth but seem to fly past now at too fast a pace.How lucky we are to live here in the New Forest. With the sea only a couple of miles from Sway at Lymington and Milford and  the beautiful villages of Brockenhurst and Burley a few miles inland.
The holidays bring a chance for us to catch up with a group of clients who go away annually at this time of year. To see how their cats have matured over the winter months and to welcome them back for their summer holiday with us and in some cases to meet additions to their family.

Monday 15th July

Another busy weekend and a large volume of traffic through our doors expected this morning... let's hope the lane isn't closed today!
The Burmese contingent are getting along well and are not having to shout as they are next to each other and whispering seems to be working, thankfully. However the Bengal department is a different matter. I have moved them all outside as their territorial antics can upset their neighbours, and the noise mine!
They are now much quieter and far more relaxed.
This weeks newbies namely Sox, Isabelle, Rara, Amber, Olive, Boots and Chillie have all settled in well.


Learning to be lap cats!

Thursday 11th July

We pride ourselves here at Cottage Garden Cats on our extremely low level of staff turnover so it is with great sadness we say goodbye to two members of our part time staff. Two young ladies who are moving on with their lives and education. Chloe is leaving us to move back to Essex, from where she originates, to study drama and Thea is off chasing her equine dreams with a position at Wellington. Both young girls have been weekend staff since doing their work experience with us whilst at school and we wish them both all the best in their future career and look forward to hearing how they are getting along.

Wednesday 3rd July Work Experience Week

We are presently having our mid week calm before the storm. At this time of year there never seem to be enough hours in the day or enough weekends in the month come to that!  However this week we have helpers in the form of Ellie and Alice and they are both doing a stirling job. These extra helpers allow more cuddle time for all the pets in our care and hard work too of course (in case any teachers reading).
More importantly how are our guests getting along...
Minky is better now following a little blip last weekend -forgetting to drink enough in the extremely humid conditions we had tends to cause a few problems but all better now with a change of diet and a quick trip to the vets just to be on the safe side!
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