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Wednesday 3rd July Work Experience Week

We are presently having our mid week calm before the storm. At this time of year there never seem to be enough hours in the day or enough weekends in the month come to that!  However this week we have helpers in the form of Ellie and Alice and they are both doing a stirling job. These extra helpers allow more cuddle time for all the pets in our care and hard work too of course (in case any teachers reading).
More importantly how are our guests getting along...
Minky is better now following a little blip last weekend -forgetting to drink enough in the extremely humid conditions we had tends to cause a few problems but all better now with a change of diet and a quick trip to the vets just to be on the safe side! 
Tilly is sitting pretty next to the office. Bertie and Phoenix are off home tomorrow after good stays, Poppet and Flo are filling the air with their chattering whilst Cordelia, Alfie, Pru and Tilly (still sticking to her diet) are trying to get a word in edge ways! Meanwhile Dylan is exhausted just watching Pickle and Minki playing.
Leo and Max have moved into the garden (not literally) to have a bit more space along with Mori and Misty and Boots are enjoying double houses in the family block. Time's up need to check on my back soon!

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