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Monday 15th July

Another busy weekend and a large volume of traffic through our doors expected this morning... let's hope the lane isn't closed today!
The Burmese contingent are getting along well and are not having to shout as they are next to each other and whispering seems to be working, thankfully. However the Bengal department is a different matter. I have moved them all outside as their territorial antics can upset their neighbours, and the noise mine!
They are now much quieter and far more relaxed.
This weeks newbies namely Sox, Isabelle, Rara, Amber, Olive, Boots and Chillie have all settled in well. Sox and Boots are off home this morning - I wonder if they are related (hehe).
Amber and Olive are now both out and about although Olive was a little shy to start. 
The good weather caused a few people to choose to stay away a few days longer than planned, so this morning will be fun juggling who goes where, but you can't blame them - what fantastic weather for a holiday. Enjoy it while it lasts, it makes a change from people returning early because it has been so wet.
Phoebe and Tilly are back for another stay and I do hope their parents have succeeded in their mission to conquer the internet and read this blog! The cats are fine by the way and sunning themselves in their run.
We also have some old timers in we haven't seen for a while, Frostie and Fudge. They will keep our groomers busy with their thick long coats especially in this weather!
There are far too many to mention by name today, but Ash is doing really well and has bounced back after the sad loss of Fluffy her long term companion, and Mindy and Tinker have settled in much faster this visit and are far more relaxed and contented I am pleased to report. All my oldies are handling the heat well and apart from eating a little less in these conditions all the cats in my care are as I expect - happy, contented and purring!

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