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Sunday 28th July

And so the holdays are upon us once again, the long summer weeks that stretched out before us in our youth but seem to fly past now at too fast a pace.How lucky we are to live here in the New Forest. With the sea only a couple of miles from Sway at Lymington and Milford and  the beautiful villages of Brockenhurst and Burley a few miles inland.
The holidays bring a chance for us to catch up with a group of clients who go away annually at this time of year. To see how their cats have matured over the winter months and to welcome them back for their summer holiday with us and in some cases to meet additions to their family.
Jane now has Obi as her new companion... and is showing him the ropes.

This weeks newbies include Merlin who has already worked his magic and talked the girls into giving him lunch!

Molly has settled in well as has Mahnie, Jessie, Rosie, Beans and Brian, although it has to be said Beans looks a little put out that she's having to share with Beans. After all she is a princess....

The Burmese are all off home tomorrow as if their owners holiday together. Leaving my latest Bengal invasion to keep the others chatting!

Blindness is another challenge we face here with several cats with defective vision. However once acclimatised to their surroundings they thrive on the routine here and so it has been with Boris and Duncan this week.

Well it's time for me to go and check on my charges and turn down their beds so I wish you all a happy and warm summer holiday and look forward to updating you again soon.
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