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August 2013

29th August 2013

It is black cat central here at the moment, 
with a dash of colour every here and there!

I have tried once again to take some pictures but the cats seem to think my camera is a scary monster staring at them or they are just too busy brushing around me to pay any attention! 

Anyway here are the results for those parents who are away for the first time... photography is not my strong suit as you can see!

Charlie Soft-paws has settled in very well and is enjoying watching the birds on the fruit trees.

22nd August 2013

The calm before the storm - in more ways than one if the bank holiday weather forecast is to be believed! 
We are currently enjoying a couple of days of respite before we are back to capacity for the bank holiday weekend and indeed for most of September. 
However todays guests are as follows:
Our newbie Alfie has settled in well, is eating well and is always up for a cuddle. Milly is munching her way through my latest feed order, well she is a Mainecoon and the size of a small dog! Lloyd arrived today and is now on medication for hyper-thyroidism which he has taken well tonight despite his dads warnings!

wed. 14th August

The last of the kittens left for his new home today, so the cattery seems very quiet tonight.
However Obi has worked out if he pushes his toys under the door someone inevitably will push them back. This apparently is a great game and has helped keep us smiling. Bilbo, the not so brave, has just arrived and is cautiously eyeing up his kitten neighbour! 
Milly the Mainecoon, although showing her age a little these days, is very well in herself and had a nice groom today. Joe is showing Toby, his new companion, the ropes.

Monday 5th August

Another busy weekend just flew by! Status report here for all boarding cats...
Jane and Little Obi are by the door greeting all visitors on their arrival, Teasle is keeping herself to herself as not too impressed with the kitten antics next door! Circe and Merlin have popped back for another stay and are chatting to Kiwi again in Burmese. The kitchen is chaos as the kittens have taken up occupancy as we enjoy their last few days before they join their new families now that they have had their inoculations - 10 weeks today - it's gone so fast, I'll miss them so much!

Cat Zoo or Cattery?

You may or may not be aware just how many breeds of cat there are and here at Cottage Garden Cats we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend some time with many fine breeds, both pure and part bred as well as the domestic and semi-feral cat. I just thought I'd share some of last weeks guest list with you... it's the names I love as much as the breed names!
Mori and Brian the Siamese, Fraggle the Cornish Rex, Saphy, Daisy and Belle the Birmans, Beans the Oriental Shorthair, George and Obe the British Shorthairs, Kiwi, OJ Simba and Miss Tansy Tiptail the Burmese, Teddy the Korat, Mozart the Egyptian Mau, Merlin the Bengal and so the list goes on and if you're now asking yourself what these all look like I've added a few pics to help you out!
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