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Cat Zoo or Cattery?

You may or may not be aware just how many breeds of cat there are and here at Cottage Garden Cats we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend some time with many fine breeds, both pure and part bred as well as the domestic and semi-feral cat. I just thought I'd share some of last weeks guest list with you... it's the names I love as much as the breed names!
Mori and Brian the Siamese, Fraggle the Cornish Rex, Saphy, Daisy and Belle the Birmans, Beans the Oriental Shorthair, George and Obe the British Shorthairs, Kiwi, OJ Simba and Miss Tansy Tiptail the Burmese, Teddy the Korat, Mozart the Egyptian Mau, Merlin the Bengal and so the list goes on and if you're now asking yourself what these all look like I've added a few pics to help you out! Enjoy...

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