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Monday 5th August

Another busy weekend just flew by! Status report here for all boarding cats...
Jane and Little Obi are by the door greeting all visitors on their arrival, Teasle is keeping herself to herself as not too impressed with the kitten antics next door! Circe and Merlin have popped back for another stay and are chatting to Kiwi again in Burmese. The kitchen is chaos as the kittens have taken up occupancy as we enjoy their last few days before they join their new families now that they have had their inoculations - 10 weeks today - it's gone so fast, I'll miss them so much!
Moving on, next to this madhouse are Simba and Tommy who is one of our blind cats that stay, who is, as ever, coping well with the routine. Newbies next to the boys, Millie and Toby the Birmans who are already watching the world go by from there outside shelf. 
Mork has moved from the family block to the main block for a change of scenery as he's in for a while and his new neighbour Fraggle the elderly Cornish Rex also moved to the main block from a garden house as he is such a calming influence on newer younger cats. 
Mahni and Swizzle have both settled well, although Swizzle needs a friend to help her fill her enormous bed! Jaffa is still playing with anyone who's up for a game of paw under the door, while Mitzi and Smudge are quietly resting during their holiday. 
OJ, Tippy and Teddy are fine. Blissfully unaware that kittens are about to move in next door and then potentially go home with them! 
George the Silver Tabby British Shorthair is thoroughly enjoying being surrounded by women, namely Jessie and Rosie, and it has to be said they seem to quite like having him next door too...
Beans and Brian are in isolation until their second jabs next week, and the Birman trio are getting on well. In our single houses we have Mori, Pixie and now Rosie who I have moved into the garden to a quieter house where she is now relaxing and stretching on her cushion in the sunshine, eating well and doing fine.
The family block consists of Molly, Oli, Holly, Tigger (on a diet before his big trip to Spain for the winter  - lucky boy), Baboushka, Fudge, Megan, Bert, Willow and Leo, all of whom are on good form. Noting that we had twelve cats go home today you will understand why I must now say goodbye and crack on. Aly
ps. Please feel free to post any questions about your cats on my blog and I will do my best to update you as soon as possible.

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