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wed. 14th August

The last of the kittens left for his new home today, so the cattery seems very quiet tonight.
However Obi has worked out if he pushes his toys under the door someone inevitably will push them back. This apparently is a great game and has helped keep us smiling. Bilbo, the not so brave, has just arrived and is cautiously eyeing up his kitten neighbour! 
Milly the Mainecoon, although showing her age a little these days, is very well in herself and had a nice groom today. Joe is showing Toby, his new companion, the ropes. Faustino and Phoebus are fine as are Ted & Tom who had a little fish tonight as a treat.
Rosie, as you can see from the photo, is enjoying her stay, now if only we could turn her purr down a little...
Alfie-moon is back with us as is Charlie-Brown. Also Little P and her two ragdolls and two we haven't seen for a while Maisie and Suki came in on Monday.
Luna has moved to No7 on the left of the kitchen as she found Toby a little too talkative. Tibbs has settled straight in as has our newby Pod. All I have not mentioned by name are fit and well and hoping you are too! Enjoy your holidays - updates again soon!
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