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22nd August 2013

The calm before the storm - in more ways than one if the bank holiday weather forecast is to be believed! 
We are currently enjoying a couple of days of respite before we are back to capacity for the bank holiday weekend and indeed for most of September. 
However todays guests are as follows:
Our newbie Alfie has settled in well, is eating well and is always up for a cuddle. Milly is munching her way through my latest feed order, well she is a Mainecoon and the size of a small dog! Lloyd arrived today and is now on medication for hyper-thyroidism which he has taken well tonight despite his dads warnings!
Fenda is being spoilt on cooked fish tonight as she's being a little fussy, which I have to say is unlike her, so we'll be keeping a close eye on her over the weekend.
Oscar the Tonkinese is in, no such fussiness there! Ted and Tom are both now out and about, Tom up to now has been a wee bit shy, leaving Ted to put up with all the attention.
Jack, another first timer is just great, Tilly is still on her diet, Bertie is eating well and taking his meds well,  Charlie is looking a little odd as he obviously had a fight before he came to stay, and a small undetected bite mark has abcessed under his cheek. All cleaned up now and healing well!
Milly the white deaf lady has got into the swing of things and is now totally chilled out. Fluffy has worked out all too quickly that if she holds out she gets tuna instead of pouches and that is all she will now eat... who trained who there I wonder!
Jessie the long term is doing really well, happy and contented so nothing for mum to worry about or feel guilty about. She was upside down sunbathing earlier today and Flappy is off home tomorrow having had his spot on treatment which I have to admit she didn't think was the best idea in the world!
Outside the one-eyed Pod is teaching us all that anything less than a ten minute fuss will just not do, Tim is being as lazy as ever, sleeping as much as possible in between deigning to get up for yet another meal! Rose, Harvey and Oscar the BSH's are fine too. Even Pixie has given up swearing at us and has reluctantly accepted that this lovely weather is too good to waste and is sunbathing on her terrace. Last but not least Charlie another newbie joined us last week and I noticed a lump on his tail, which surprise surprise has now abcessed but again has been cleaned and is healing well. Cats - who'd have them? 
Note to all owners - don't worry about them, that's what I'm here for... you just concentrate on having a super holiday wherever you may be and I'll have your loved ones fit and well for when you return...Take care. Aly
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