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29th August 2013

It is black cat central here at the moment, 
with a dash of colour every here and there!

I have tried once again to take some pictures but the cats seem to think my camera is a scary monster staring at them or they are just too busy brushing around me to pay any attention! 

Anyway here are the results for those parents who are away for the first time... photography is not my strong suit as you can see!

Charlie Soft-paws has settled in very well and is enjoying watching the birds on the fruit trees. 

Spice has also settled in extremely well and as predicted is up for as much attention as he can get! 

Alfie, who as you can see is fixated on what's going on in the garden, is off home tomorrow and although groomed regularly and happily chilled did suffer from a dreaded hairball or two. 
However we applied good old anti-hairball treats that he thought were yummy and hey presto problem solved.

Sherbert is allergic to the camera but in all other aspects absolutely fine. Whereas One-eyed Pod is usually upside down these days... anything for a tummy tickle!

And last but by no means least Molly-Mo has settled in well and greeted me this morning in her run, ready for her breakfast. Not a great photo but she is enjoying her view and slowly getting used to having neighbours!

No disrespect to any other newbies I have not got shots of, but some were either eating, sleeping or just plain camera shy! 

All present boarders are fit and healthy and Charlie's tail is healing well. 

Oscar is still a little off his food as he was before he arrived but the hot weather can effect these older cats, although it certainly has not effected his voice - good old Tonks! That's all I have time for, for now... enjoy your break wherever you may be, Aly.

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