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September 2013

Sat. Sept. 28th

Having just prepared and served 53 pussycats with their favourite personalised menus, I am pleased to report all furry felines happy and contented and hopefully now full! I am also pleased I had an extra pair of hands available. Thank you Clair.
Off to feed the neddies now...

Wed 25th Sept

Oldie update! We have just said goodbye to one 22 year old only to have another here for 6 weeks! We have two Luckys in at the moment just to confuse the issue so if I say Lucky is wobbling about a bit but still with us, I mean the 22 year old Lucky not his younger counterpart... who by the way is doing fine.
Daisy, Cuddles & Spice, Misty and Max are all eating well and enjoying the unseasonably warm weather whilst our latest newbies, Leo & Purdy are settling in well.

Itis is taking his medication in home cooked meals very well, unsurprisingly and Poppy with her huge eyes is always grateful when food arrives as eating is definately one of her favourite passtimes.

Wed 18 Sept

Blogs are never easy to write when you have an Edwina cat sitting on your keyboard, so any typos I will blame on her!
First a newbie report - big-eyed Poppy is the perfect guest. Eat everything, keeping her room clean and polite to her neighbours. 
Misty is also in a similar mould, but quite chatty with it! 
Now Boris and Bobby are both out and about, wrapping themselves around my feet and totally relaxed. It did take Boris 48 hours to decide he liked it here, but now he has decided I'm not sure he'll rush to go home!

Tuesday 10th September

The kids are back at school and the rest of the world has taken the opportunity to go on holiday, whether by car, campervan, coach or plane those of a certain age are off and gallivanting! Interestingly when our customer demographic increases in age, so does the age of our residents. So today I'm going to note cats by their ages as they are all doing well presently with nothing negative to report.
We start with Maggie who I fear is lying about her age as according to her records she is under two, however that would mean she is definitely not ageing very well and has been staying with us since before she was born!

Christmas Bookings

I know it's only September but those Christmas spaces are disappearing fast. So if you think you may be away I suggest you book now and we'll reconfirm with everyone in late October, early November. We are closed for drop offs and deliveries  on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day as well as the Sundays before, during and after.
Please call for further details and pricing. Thank you.

September 5th

It should be Tuesday but somehow it's already Thursday and my blog is late again - apologies!
I have come to the decision that cats are like cars... some you have to warm up slowly using maximum choke (not literally, obviously - you use maximum cuddles with cats) to get a purr out of their engine whilst others just purr away the minute you press the ignition, or indeed walk into the room.
Chester the Burmese is a classic car sort of chap. He needs at least ten minutes of loving before his engine will start purring but if not fired up at least once a day, goes into decline -  whereas Ash is a more excitable model that purrs so loud on your arrival she would give an F1 car a run for its money.

caption please...

Apologies you will have to lie down to see this picture, but I thought it deserved a title. So over to you!
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