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September 5th

It should be Tuesday but somehow it's already Thursday and my blog is late again - apologies!
I have come to the decision that cats are like cars... some you have to warm up slowly using maximum choke (not literally, obviously - you use maximum cuddles with cats) to get a purr out of their engine whilst others just purr away the minute you press the ignition, or indeed walk into the room.
Chester the Burmese is a classic car sort of chap. He needs at least ten minutes of loving before his engine will start purring but if not fired up at least once a day, goes into decline -  whereas Ash is a more excitable model that purrs so loud on your arrival she would give an F1 car a run for its money. Then there's Winnie of course who actually talks to you continually so I guess she'd be a Satnav!
We have all makes and models in over the next two weeks from the old reliable jaloppy to the new sports models... I'll let you guess who's who!
The sleek Birmans are holding court in the family block, along with Fizz and Oliver who are both looking slimmed down having been on long term diets. 
Chilli is in fine fettle and all her little scratch marks have been polished out of existence by our new favourite product Vetericyn, fantastic healing properties for cuts and scratches. Muffin and her insulin jabs is off home tomorrow so one less oldie to worry about, just leaving me two 20 year olds to mind! And yes they are both doing fine so far.
Bambou, who is bi-lingual, and Sticky are keeping each other company by the gate, and I have dusted off my schoolgirl French as Bambou definately prefers that accent.
Spice has new neighbours in Daisy and Boris, and Gerry and Poppy are by the kitchen. All the regulars are well and the newbies namely, Poppy and Harry are both happy and relaxed and enjoying their views. Chloe and Lady are getting there too, but were a little skittish to start - some rescue cats lack a little trust, but we're here to show them that they're safe and they are getting braver every day. 
Well that's all I have time for this evening.
Hopefully some piccies next time... 

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