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Tuesday 10th September

The kids are back at school and the rest of the world has taken the opportunity to go on holiday, whether by car, campervan, coach or plane those of a certain age are off and gallivanting! Interestingly when our customer demographic increases in age, so does the age of our residents. So today I'm going to note cats by their ages as they are all doing well presently with nothing negative to report.
We start with Maggie who I fear is lying about her age as according to her records she is under two, however that would mean she is definitely not ageing very well and has been staying with us since before she was born! After Mags we have Bolly the Russian Blue who arrived today a little travel weary shall we say, but nevertheless managed to demolish a warm bowl of fish with little difficulty this evening... Next we have the 3, 4 and 5 year olds namely Poppy, Poppy, Poppy, Pixie, Hamish & Sasha, and Belle. I'm trying to think why Poppy was such a popular name in 2008, I'm sure there must be a reason.
6, 7 & 8 we have Timmy, Finn, Jessie, Misty (not meaning to be rude but another lady possibly not completely truthful with her date of birth!) Libby, Bambou, Daisy and Saphy.  
Now 9, 10, 11 and 12 Daisy, Geri, Thierrey, Chester, Bertie, Liela, Billy-Bags, Phylias & Tilly and Charlie - who has settled in brilliantly. 
The frightening thing is it seems like only yesterday they were arriving here for the first time as kittens. 
13 - 15 we have Bartholomew, Harry, Rebo, Sox, Bubble & Squeak, Sophie, Gina & Milly and Fizz. Nearly all of these I have known for over ten years.
Now for my specialist subject - the 16 and over category. At nearly 17 we have my old favourite Max who I love having to stay, he's such a character and still knows how to play the girls up when they're trying to groom him - then in her 19th year we have Ash who knows how to play me up no end and how to make sure she has a freshly prepared and cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. She's on medication and is pretty thin these days, but she'll still purr for Britain and never misses a trick and last but by no means least and fighting fit as of this evening we have 20 year old Daisy who is also enjoying home cooking as her ability to chew has diminished over the years - a lack of teeth can do that apparently! 
Well until next time may the weather stay fine, autumn hold off for another few days, and my oldies stay young at heart...
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