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Alycats Blog

Wed 18 Sept

Blogs are never easy to write when you have an Edwina cat sitting on your keyboard, so any typos I will blame on her!
First a newbie report - big-eyed Poppy is the perfect guest. Eat everything, keeping her room clean and polite to her neighbours. 
Misty is also in a similar mould, but quite chatty with it! 
Now Boris and Bobby are both out and about, wrapping themselves around my feet and totally relaxed. It did take Boris 48 hours to decide he liked it here, but now he has decided I'm not sure he'll rush to go home!
Oldie Report - Ash, Charlie, Max and Daisy are all in the pink presently and have a combined age of  over 73, but are all acting alot younger!
Katie, Dumpling, Harry & Lottie, Joe & Flossie are all now settled in as are Jasper, Bella & Simba and Daisy who arrived on Saturday.
Buffy and Tiggy are snuggled up together, while Lucy, Hamlet and Albert are enjoying their views. Albert with his tongue poking out of course ( no front teeth).
All those I have not mentioned today are fit and healthy so not to worry. 
It gets a little confusing as we have 2 Charlies, 2 Mistys and 3 Daisys in presently but definately only one Bartholomew!
Take care. Aly

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