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Wed 25th Sept

Oldie update! We have just said goodbye to one 22 year old only to have another here for 6 weeks! We have two Luckys in at the moment just to confuse the issue so if I say Lucky is wobbling about a bit but still with us, I mean the 22 year old Lucky not his younger counterpart... who by the way is doing fine.
Daisy, Cuddles & Spice, Misty and Max are all eating well and enjoying the unseasonably warm weather whilst our latest newbies, Leo & Purdy are settling in well.

Itis is taking his medication in home cooked meals very well, unsurprisingly and Poppy with her huge eyes is always grateful when food arrives as eating is definately one of her favourite passtimes.

We are full again over the next weekend and beginning of next week but do have a few vacancies left during October, so if you're thinking of taking a break, let us know as soon as possible to be sure of a space and my little helpers will be happy to book you in.
Enjoy your holidays, Aly
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