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October 2013

October 31st Halloween

Apologies for the lack of a recent blog but half term has been hectic. So tonight is halloween, luckily for us very few trick or treaters make it out this far. If they did they'd be sure to think that there were a few witches around here by the number of black cats milling about... and the squawking of the Bengals would see off many a phantom. Oscar and Mozart are having a competition in chatting, whilst Fizzy and Hobnob watch on like spectators at a tennis match. 
Gracie and Purrsephone, who are both with me for a while, are settled into their routine and appear happy and contented.

Sunday 20th October

I must start this evening with some sad news, after the change in weather and summer definitely a distant memory, Molly at over 20 years of age fell ill.  After a short illness and stay in hospital, she passed away after her parents returned from their holiday. Our thoughts are with the family at this sad time. Having looked after Molly often in her latter years she will be sorely missed here - but we must remember it is a testament to her loving home and great care she received throughout her life that allowed her to stay healthy and happy to such a great age.

Saturday October 12th

At last I think our new systems are working how they should. So many apologies again to anyone whose booking was misplaced, way-laid or in one or two cases deleted altogether! I am glad to say my staff managed admirably in the turmoil and found houses for all guests whether expected or not!
Talking of my guests, let's have a current run through on how they are all doing...
Thierry is welcoming visitors at the entrance, backed up by Nifty who as her name suggests is a very agile young lady whose acrobatics are no to be sniffed at.


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4th October

Why is everything that is supposed to make your life easier so jolly hard to sort out?
Take our new computer system, apparently it will make our lives so much easier but during the first week of its arrival it's simply created a little havoc, a few very long days and one or two cross words along the way...
At this point I must apologise to any customers caught up in this wonderful scientific advancement, for the slight shortness of temper of my staff and I and those confused looks when you turned up to either check in or check out you cat, it's just that we may well have been expecting you but at times our super-duper new advancement was not!
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