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4th October

Why is everything that is supposed to make your life easier so jolly hard to sort out?
Take our new computer system, apparently it will make our lives so much easier but during the first week of its arrival it's simply created a little havoc, a few very long days and one or two cross words along the way...
At this point I must apologise to any customers caught up in this wonderful scientific advancement, for the slight shortness of temper of my staff and I and those confused looks when you turned up to either check in or check out you cat, it's just that we may well have been expecting you but at times our super-duper new advancement was not!
However, the teething problems do seem to be slowly easing and I have seen a few flashes of brilliance from the machine, although it may be a while before we are completely up to speed - so please, until we are, just imagine that the grimace on my face is really a smile and any expletives overheard are just kind words of welcome.
I thank you.
ps. All pussycats both young and old are doing fine and enjoying the extra cuddles available as staff spend as much time as possible out of the office, hiding from the inevitable training that is heading their way!
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