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Saturday October 12th

At last I think our new systems are working how they should. So many apologies again to anyone whose booking was misplaced, way-laid or in one or two cases deleted altogether! I am glad to say my staff managed admirably in the turmoil and found houses for all guests whether expected or not!
Talking of my guests, let's have a current run through on how they are all doing...
Thierry is welcoming visitors at the entrance, backed up by Nifty who as her name suggests is a very agile young lady whose acrobatics are no to be sniffed at. Charlie & Mog have settled in well, enjoying their neighbours antics, whilst Bella & Lola are trying every trick to get treats as they're next to the kitchen. 
Ella & Sam have popped in for the weekend next to Simon who is most upset Mum forgot to put any tuna in his suitcase this visit!
Chewbacca is enjoying being surrounded by girls, Cuddles & Spice on the one side, Gina & Millie on the other. 
Newby Rosie has moved into the main block for a change of scenery as she settled so well. Rescue cats often do - they're used to the routine. And Rudy is now seperating Daisy from Holly as those two girls just do not get along...
Lucky in her 22nd year is doing better, eating well and always out to meet and greet any passers by.
Summer's migrated to her heat lamp as it's now definately autumn, whilst Molly also in her 22nd year, according to my records, is giving Tommy and Simba a run for their money. Rosie is enjoying her view of the fields and keeping herself to herself - very wise.
Bailey & Timmy have found their feet, as has Arthur, who has moved house to have a little more room. Sapphire has now accepted she's at the cattery and not at the vets and Candy has decided that being fussy is boring and munching everything is a much better plan.
Amie and Oscar have been moved into a double house so that food intake can be monitored more accurately or I think Amie may have faded away and Oscar exploded! 
Smartie is eating well now having had her usual first day refusal and Dillon is just as perfect as ever.
Well that just about wraps it up for now, so I'm off to watch the Horse of the Year Show - Good night!

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