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Sunday 20th October

I must start this evening with some sad news, after the change in weather and summer definitely a distant memory, Molly at over 20 years of age fell ill.  After a short illness and stay in hospital, she passed away after her parents returned from their holiday. Our thoughts are with the family at this sad time. Having looked after Molly often in her latter years she will be sorely missed here - but we must remember it is a testament to her loving home and great care she received throughout her life that allowed her to stay healthy and happy to such a great age.

From Cottage Garden heatlamp to sunbed!Meanwhile in other news we have Minky under his heat lamp whilst Tigger who left us earlier this week has arrived at his holiday destination in Spain and is seen here on his sunbed!

Below we have Buddy who was not impressed with the camera staring at him, but he would like to wish his mum and dad all the best for their wedding day and just wants mum to know he's fine, eating well and relaxing more with each day.

Talking of worried mums - Otis is fine and eating me out of house and home, so no doubt will have to go on a diet when he gets home... and Lucky (21) is eating well and the medication I started when he arrived seems to be keeping him comfortable for the time being, so fingers crossed the onset of autumn doesn't rock the boat.

As for this weeks newbies - Rosie and Tilly are both easy going characters who took two minutes to realise that they were to be waited on hand and paw and to take full advantage!

And the regulars are all doing fine ... although I would enjoy a few variations please as 90% of currently boarding cats are black or black and white - I swear if someone did a study they'd find out that cat colour and breeds dictate when and in some cases where you holiday!

Oh yes and some exciting news - the two tabby kittens of Edwina's are coming to stay soon, we can't wait to see them... 

Well I must go and do my evening rounds, until next time take care. Aly
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