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October 31st Halloween

Apologies for the lack of a recent blog but half term has been hectic. So tonight is halloween, luckily for us very few trick or treaters make it out this far. If they did they'd be sure to think that there were a few witches around here by the number of black cats milling about... and the squawking of the Bengals would see off many a phantom. Oscar and Mozart are having a competition in chatting, whilst Fizzy and Hobnob watch on like spectators at a tennis match. 
Gracie and Purrsephone, who are both with me for a while, are settled into their routine and appear happy and contented. 
Wilson the red is doing fine, whilst little black Jerry has followed his lead and settled straight in. Old Lucky is nearly at the end of his stay, just a few more days to go... 
We have two pairs of lovely cats in for their first visits to us. Toffee & Fudge and Ellie & Rosie - what super girls, a real treat.
Mowgli and Phoenix are enjoying their views across the dove cotes and beyond, and seem quite interested in the girlies antics a few doors down.
Bert & Willow are keeping well, as are Buddy, Sly, Leo & Max. First prize for demanding food goes to Mitten, followed closely by little Summer who eats for Britain - but after all is still growing. Her mate Freddie is glad to have a house to himself whilst Belle, Saphy & Daisy are all cuddled up together like one big fluffy ball. 
One request from us - we may have a lovely little black and white girlie coming up for rehoming through no fault of her own, so if you know anyone looking for a new companion please let us know. She's about 12 years young with a sweet nature and full service history! No issues apart from home with cuddles a must!
Enjoy your weekend - Haloween followed by All Saints Day, and then of course the dreaded Bonfire Night. PLEASE remember to keep your cats in at this time of year to keep them safe. 

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