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November 2013

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19th November

Out and about early this morning, well before the moon has gone to bed, I love this time of day - the tranquility and this morning, the freshness of it.
One may think my guests would be tucked up in their heated beds snoozing away - but no - most are outside watching the dawn arrive and with it the local wildlife come alive, after all cats are nocturnal creatures by nature. 
There were a few exceptions, Gracie for example decided her old bones definitely prefer her deep cosy bed and heat-lamp, although breakfast arriving did tempt her out.

13th November 2013

Finally the fireworks are over, well the organised ones anyway. We are lucky that none of the displays are too close, so the effects are muted. All the animals in our care coped well with the distant bangs and splashes of light in the sky, they obviously appreciated the subtle tones of Radio 2 that distracted their attention...
All the cats in my care are well and the sunshine brought everybody out from under their heat lamps today. A special mention for Bailey and Ella who have decided the view from their run is so interesting they are still out their now, both of them, on their shelf watching whatever cats can see in the dark that I certainly can't!

Friday 8th November

Well what a morning! The heavens have well and truly opened and I'm standing here in the cattery watching what was left of autumn float away as winter is most definately upon us! The heating is on full, the cats all snuggled up enjoying their breakfasts in bed!

The half term break signaled the end of a long and busy season, and so now in our quieter weeks we turn our attention to maintenance and what at the other end of the year would be termed as a jolly good spring clean.

I am pleased to report that after his six week stay, 22-year old Lucky made it home to his mum after her Australian adventure, and there was no-one more surprised to see him than her.
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