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Friday 8th November

Well what a morning! The heavens have well and truly opened and I'm standing here in the cattery watching what was left of autumn float away as winter is most definately upon us! The heating is on full, the cats all snuggled up enjoying their breakfasts in bed!

The half term break signaled the end of a long and busy season, and so now in our quieter weeks we turn our attention to maintenance and what at the other end of the year would be termed as a jolly good spring clean.

I am pleased to report that after his six week stay, 22-year old Lucky made it home to his mum after her Australian adventure, and there was no-one more surprised to see him than her. The reunion was a lovely one as he had been very poorly when I had picked him up all those weeks ago. You see a holiday can do us all good...

Just a reminder that we pick up and deliver cats from Bournemouth to Southampton and anywhere in between, so if your pussy cries in the car or is not the best traveler we can offer a chauffeur driven service to suit you.

Presently in my care Ellie & Rosie have new neighbors in the form of Peter & Pearl who I have no doubt will get along well. Molly is peering out from her window after a hearty meal, Gerry & Poppy are doing fine and Mork has settled in well and enjoying his tuna treat.  Wilson is happy to have a younger neighbor now as Purrsephone is a little prim for his taste...

Sweet little Tilly is putting on weight and enjoying the care and attention here whilst Gracie with her dementia also finds the routine here comforting. Oscar is off home today so the cattery will be somewhat quieter without a Bengal around, 

Ashley & Duncan are by the kitchen next to Chilli whose summer mite allergy has cleared completely - another sure sign winter is upon us - whilst the beautiful Suki is welcoming the world on their arrival whilst sending me shopping daily with a list of todays favourite biscuits and treats - the fussy little thing - no two meals can be the same or she turns her nose up! 
We welcome Leo, Casper, Bailey & Ellie, Charlie and Rosie later today and Mr Tibbs tomorrow and just hope the radio is louder than the impending fireworks in Sway and Lymington this weekend... Don't worry I'll be down here to make sure all are well... and on that note the rain has stopped and I can make it back to the house without getting soaked...
Enjoy your weekend, Aly
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