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13th November 2013

Finally the fireworks are over, well the organised ones anyway. We are lucky that none of the displays are too close, so the effects are muted. All the animals in our care coped well with the distant bangs and splashes of light in the sky, they obviously appreciated the subtle tones of Radio 2 that distracted their attention...
All the cats in my care are well and the sunshine brought everybody out from under their heat lamps today. A special mention for Bailey and Ella who have decided the view from their run is so interesting they are still out their now, both of them, on their shelf watching whatever cats can see in the dark that I certainly can't!

We have successfully found a foster home for Tilly, the little cat whose mum is having to stay in a nursing home for now after a lengthy stay in hospital. She leaves tomorrow - we will all miss her.

Enjoy this brief respite from the rain - Aly
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