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19th November

Out and about early this morning, well before the moon has gone to bed, I love this time of day - the tranquility and this morning, the freshness of it.
One may think my guests would be tucked up in their heated beds snoozing away - but no - most are outside watching the dawn arrive and with it the local wildlife come alive, after all cats are nocturnal creatures by nature. 
There were a few exceptions, Gracie for example decided her old bones definitely prefer her deep cosy bed and heat-lamp, although breakfast arriving did tempt her out. 

Old Max is back with us and surprisingly has been playing with toys if the squished catgnip mouse I found just outside his house is anything to go by..
India is off home this morning, whilst Chilli has another couple of days with us.

Due to emergency situations, with owners being rushed into hospital, I have Daisy and Poppet staying at the moment, both regulars who know their way around, and both hopefully back home soon with their respective mums. 

We wish you both speedy recoveries and hope you Get well soon!

On that subject - it's a good idea to leave one of our cards in an obvious place, or tell a friend or neighbour that we care for your cat, as in an emergency we will always come straight out and collect your cat so you can concentrate on getting better without the worry of who is going to look after Tiddles. We always have an emergency house available all year round. 

Tilly, the little puss whose mum is in a residential home after a stay in hospital, has settled well at her new foster home with our own Diana, from whom I am receiving regular updates and understand she is happy to be Tillys forever home if the need arises. I do like a happy ending!  

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who helped us look for a home for Tilly.

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