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December 2013

And a merry Christmas to you...

Well what a storm yesterday! I'm surprised anybody got away in that weather. I am pleased to report that we were all still here this morning and not following the yellow brick road, except that is for one of my dovecotes that took quite a tumble in the gale, all doves survived the experience, if a little confused as to why their house was upside down and on the ground this morning!

It wasn't the most welcoming night for our guests weather wise but I can report that all, both old and new, ate their dinners and looked well rested this morning - resiliant little creatures cats are!

Chrismas Time - nearly...

I'd like to wish you all a very happy holiday season, wherever you are and whatever you may be doing. 

Christmas is nearly upon us, and the preparations for our guests are well under way. In fact several of our guests have already checked in. 

These include the wonderful Chutney who is enjoying one of our new raised beds. She had an injured eye when she arrived, but this seems to be clearing nicely and she is taking her medication well.

Max and Lucky are back with us for the Christmas season.

New member of staff

Hard at work learning the new software program! If only all my staff were this enthusiastic...
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