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Chrismas Time - nearly...

I'd like to wish you all a very happy holiday season, wherever you are and whatever you may be doing. 

Christmas is nearly upon us, and the preparations for our guests are well under way. In fact several of our guests have already checked in. 

These include the wonderful Chutney who is enjoying one of our new raised beds. She had an injured eye when she arrived, but this seems to be clearing nicely and she is taking her medication well.

Max and Lucky are back with us for the Christmas season. Lucky you may recall spent a good chunk of the autumn with us, at the tender age of 22! Max at 17 is a mere youngster in comparison... both seem to be quite impressed with the new sleeping arrangements. Santa came early to Cottage Garden and delivered some super new beds.

Beauty and Bubble & Squeak have settled in well enjoying the attention of being by the entrance. Mori is talking to anyone who will listen, even if Siamese isn't their first language! 

Honey, Shadow, Thierry and Velcro are all old timers here and settle into the routine without missing a beat, whilst the newbies Chappie & Shadow (yes another Shadow) seem pretty unphased by all the goings on. Bailey has made a welcome return and although he took 24 hours to settle this time, is now completely contented having explained to me which of his treats he would like and at what time!

The wide eyed Rosie and Ellie are in for Christmas and enjoying a few treats whilst Muscat, Malbec and Coco are just settling into the main block for a change. They'll be moving to the family block when it re-opens on Monday. Busy, Busy, Busy...

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