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Saturday January 25th 2014

We may not be full at this time of year but we are certainly busy. Most of our current guests are long hairs requiring significant grooming and although most are a pleasure to do, I have to admit there are one or two little boys who think rolling around on the floor and playing in their litter trays is a much better idea than being well groomed!
Two of Edwina's kittens, Peaches & Pippin came to stay for a few days last week - Uncle Dylan was pleased to see them but Weeny took one look and tossed her head in the air and haughtily left the building... The kittens looked great and seem to be a big hit in their new home. They've got so big and strong and although I say it myself are super looking cats. We look forward to seeing them again soon.
Presently we have a couple of newbies with us. The first is Jack, who I have already had to move next to the kitchen as he loves a chat and as much attention as possible, the other is Oscar a very handsome red DLH who has settled in well and enjoyed a treat of some fresh coley last night. 
We also have other chatterboxes staying at the moment, firstly Tiggy, who lives with Gingey who puts up with his partners meowings valiantly, and then there's Minnie who although quite a small puss, definitely has a large vocabulary especially around feeding time. The poor neighbours who comprise of Carlo, Rosie, Sukey, Gracie (blissfully deaf) and Fudge & Megan seem to all be coping extremely well and add their two pennies worth WHEN they can get a word in edgeways!
I must fly now as there are a few more jobs left to do before the predicted downpours of tomorrow - take care all and we hope to see or hear from you soon.
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