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February 2014

26th Feb 2014

Guest update.
We're happy to be looking after little Tilly who we found a super new home for after her mother was admitted to a care home a few months ago. She waltzed in to her chalet as if she was visiting her favourite 5 star hotel - well there again I guess she is! We wish her new mum good luck with her house move, always a stressful time.
I have moved the newbies Daisy Littel and Rosie into the main block from outside as after half term it was a little empty in the family block and they looked a little lonely.

Sunday - aptly named for once!

... and finally the sun did shine.
Half term is upon us and after a rather scary Friday night storm which, although taking out many trees and power lines around us left us relatively unscathed, the sun has made an appearance to allow everyone to have a little respite from the pretty wild winter we've had so far. 
Our residents at this time are all sunbathing and taking advantage of the blue skies and all seem happy and contented on inspection this morning. 

We have a pair of new kittens with us, Jo-Jo and Simba, who I have put next to each other and they are having a great time entertaining each other as well as any passers by with their antics.

Wednesday 5th Feb

Feeding time at the cattery - with all this windy weather it seems my Doves have invited a few racing pigeons over for a few days rest and respite!
Considering one of their cotes was demolished by the Christmas Eve storm it looks like they're all doing well...

Entertainment is very high on my list when it comes to keeping my guests happy and relaxed and this little daily gathering keeps them amused for quite some time.

The quiet of January has morphed into a busier February, with the main block full we've already had to open one of the outside blocks and with half term fast approaching the season has started early.

Sunday evening

The Princess and the pea comes to mind...
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