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Wednesday 5th Feb

Feeding time at the cattery - with all this windy weather it seems my Doves have invited a few racing pigeons over for a few days rest and respite!
Considering one of their cotes was demolished by the Christmas Eve storm it looks like they're all doing well...

Entertainment is very high on my list when it comes to keeping my guests happy and relaxed and this little daily gathering keeps them amused for quite some time.

The quiet of January has morphed into a busier February, with the main block full we've already had to open one of the outside blocks and with half term fast approaching the season has started early.

Presently keeping Edwina, Dylan and Tiger company we have the three blond Birmans, Saphy, Daisy and Belle, Kiwi the Burmese (who only eats Roast Chicken and only if it's from a certain supermarket - with the skin on!), the handsome Jack has made No.8 his own, using the window into the kitchen as an advantageous viewing platform to keep an eye on us all, Mimi the tabby is his neighbour with Muffin on her other side, who of course gets me up early each and every day for her 12 hourly insulin jab. Yes we do cater for Diabetic cats.

Tiggy & Gingey are in prime position for Dove viewing along with Toby & Willow who have settled in well and Summer & Freddie affectionate as ever who are next to Sir Oliver who from his cosy indoor shelf purveys the avian feast.

Busta & Mungo are with us after causing a six hour delay to holiday plans, deciding they'd go for a last minute stroll for an hour or so... Tigger's back in after his holiday in Spain, firmly snuggled under his heat lamp with no intention of moving until summer arrives. Cali & Tilly are also here next to the wonderful Frankie who spends as much time as possible curled around your neck like a scarf. 

I picked up Lucky this morning and he's still quite bright although now in his 23rd year he is showing some side effects of longevity.

Two newbies arrived today, Chino and Merlot, after a vet visit so they still look a little shell shocked but I'm sure by the morning they will be fine. 

Another half a dozen arrive in the morning so I better get going and organise where they will reside during their stays. In the mean time I'll leave you with the sideways picture of Dylan trying out a selection of beds - all at once (I still don't know how to rotate photos in this blog!) in case you missed it over the weekend - Take care.
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