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Sunday - aptly named for once!

... and finally the sun did shine.
Half term is upon us and after a rather scary Friday night storm which, although taking out many trees and power lines around us left us relatively unscathed, the sun has made an appearance to allow everyone to have a little respite from the pretty wild winter we've had so far. 
Our residents at this time are all sunbathing and taking advantage of the blue skies and all seem happy and contented on inspection this morning. 

We have a pair of new kittens with us, Jo-Jo and Simba, who I have put next to each other and they are having a great time entertaining each other as well as any passers by with their antics. Kiwi the burmese is packing her bags as she is off home in the morning - whilst chatting with her burmese neighbours Circe & Merlin. Big black Sly is by the door - keeping look out and thoroughly enjoying being off his perpetual diet and allowed to eat as much as he likes now he's fallen below his target weight, Sly is definately getting value for money on this stay!

Next to the kitchen we have Lulu & Milo enjoying a little break away from Charlie who is staying in the doggery, whilst now in their 20th year Cuddles & Spice are wisely ignoring the kitten antics to their right. 

All our pairs of cats are getting on well, Gingy & Tiggy, Buster & Mungo, Tilley & Cali, Harry & Lottie. Bert & Willow and the wide eyed Ellie & Rosie over by the orchard.

We have a few cats in we haven't seen for a little while, like Jester, George and Snowbell as well as some regular faces such as Minky, Purrsephone, Spice, Tiggy, Teasle and Binti. Frankie our other newbie is off home this week and will be sorely missed as he acts as a fantastic scarf to keep your neck warm whilst you're working!

Enjoy your half term and we'll update you again soon...
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