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26th Feb 2014

Guest update.
We're happy to be looking after little Tilly who we found a super new home for after her mother was admitted to a care home a few months ago. She waltzed in to her chalet as if she was visiting her favourite 5 star hotel - well there again I guess she is! We wish her new mum good luck with her house move, always a stressful time.
I have moved the newbies Daisy Littel and Rosie into the main block from outside as after half term it was a little empty in the family block and they looked a little lonely. They have two niced houses next to each other by the kitchen so that they have much more company both human and feline.
Ashley has settled in well on his first visit since the sad loss of his companion Duncan who had been fighting illness for some time.  I often find that cats who have lost their companions do well here as they seem to enjoy the company of the other felines around them. 
Old Cuddles & Spice are fine and enjoying the better weather, along with Rosie who has me wrapped around her little paw again when it comes to feeding time. 
Mini is doing well - enjoying her tuck box of goodies... whilst Simba & Bella are on a strict diet after I was told off for their weight gain whilst last with me - that's the problem with holidays - all that laying about and eating well ...
TC has enjoyed his first stay with us and settled in well. Often older cats enjoy it here as it's less stressful for them having a smaller territory to patrol and a simpler routine to follow.
On the other end of the scale Mr Phister & Scraps have come out of themselves and are enjoying their view of Dove Land. These two super young cats are certainly finding their feet.
Tilly & Callie are doing well as are Lottie & Harry. Muku is fine and Pebbles is relaxing in the morning sun as I write.
Well I must dash - houses to get readyfor todays arrivals. A.

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