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March 2014

Sunday 30th March

Another month has nearly ended, the clocks have moved forward and finally British Summer Time is upon us and if today is anything to go by I welcome it with open arms. The birds are chirping away, the fish are feeding, the horses contentedly munching the spring grass and the cats are lounging around lazily in the sunshine. 
The Lady of the Manor - or upstairs, downstairs!
It's very quiet here this afternoon, not through a lack of animals to feed, but due to the fact they all think it's an hour earlier and not yet teatime! I've managed to make all the feeds without one miaow reminding me that I'm not going fast enough!

23rd March 2014

A quiet day today... we get those sometimes! We said farewell to Nala, Tilly, Tiggy, Tippy, Chilli, OJ, and Brandy yesterday. That's quite a tongue twister...
We have the three torties Ethel, Maud and Sybil in the family block keeping Albert company whilst Mori the Siamese is keeping the main block echoing with his vocal chorus. Minky was enjoying his little sun trap today, out of the cold wind, whilst Teasle chose her heatlamp as the best option. 
Petal is off home tomorrow after an extended stay, as is Charlie.

Sunday 16th March

Two Sundays in a row with super weather... what a lovely surprise!

Pussy cats in their element - sunbathing, waitress and maid service on tap and entertainment laid on... can't be bad.

This weeks guest update:
Newbies first - Sweet Petal is still with us and doing fine and Nala has settled in well and enjoyed her weekend titbit of roast chicken along with her complete biscuits - well she is on holiday!
Oldies - Ash is back again and still going strong, I'm pleased to report. Tabitha who we haven't seen for a little while is staying whilst her new home is sorted out and although she has no tail she still lets you know exactly when she wants a stroke.

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3rd March 2014

Another new month and still it rains... but looking on the bright side we have not had to water the hanging baskets all winter!
Todays update on our residents finds all in fine fettle. We've had a few arrivals and departures over the weekend including Ash who is looking bright as a button, despite her age and recent complications...
We have a newbie in No.4, Mindy the Russian Blue. She's getting on a bit but again an absolute sweetheart. She takes her medication without a fuss and has enjoyed her food whilst with us.
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